Majestyk is a full-service digital agency focusing on mobile and web user experiences. We are home to some the most talented creative minds and engineers in the digital space. Creativity counts and we pride ourselves on being able to approach everything we do in an imaginative way, pushing traditional UX limits and reaching new heights for our clients.

At Majestyk the
left-brain meets the


At Majestyk the left-brain meets the right-brain. Our approach combines smart business strategy with creative thinking to create unique user experiences that connect with consumers. Taking into account current trends and the competitive landscape we deliver a customized solution that addresses your business objectives.

We like to work from the ground up – taking stock of all of the aspects of your brand and breaking it down into digestible pieces of information. We start by analyzing five factors: presence, influence, perception, virality and resonance. Assessing brand equity allows us to better segment and target your consumer and ultimately build a better product.


In the true spirit of artistry, our approach to our work can sometimes take roads off the beaten path. As creative individuals, our systems of organization and thought are all completely different but we all work with client satisfaction in mind.


We like to think we're on the horizon of things to come and we're more than willing to show everybody the way. So please, take a look at what we've done while we imagine the things we can do.





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